How to do a clean reinstall of Sync for Mac

To do a ‘complete’ uninstall of Mac Sync:

1) Click the ShareFile Sync icon in the menu bar, and select ‘Quit.’

2) Open up ‘Finder’, go into ‘Applications’ folder and open ‘Utilities’ folder.

3) Double click ‘Activity Monitor’ to launch it.

4) In top right you can type in ‘sync’ to search or sort alphabetically to find the ‘SyncEngine’ process.

5) Select it and use the ‘Force Quit’ option and accept the warning. It’s necessary to quit SyncEngine because otherwise, it would stay running in the background and keeping the ‘sfconfig.db’ file ‘in-use.’

6) Open up ‘Finder’; go into ‘Applications’ folder again.

7) Drag ‘ShareFile’ into Mac trash bin in the bottom right of the screen.

8) Go back to ‘Finder’ and this time click the ‘Go’ menu and select ‘Go to Folder.’

9) Type in the path ~/Library/Logs/ShareFile 

10) Drag all the contents of this folder into the Mac trash.

11) Ctrl-click trash icon and select option to empty the trash.

Uninstall is finished.  You are now ready to start the install process

How to install Sync for Mac:

1) In ‘Finder’, see if you already have a ‘ShareFile’ folder.  You can either keep that folder if you want to keep the files or you can completely delete the ‘ShareFile’ folder.

2) Log into your ShareFile account, click ‘Apps’, and download Sync for Mac

3) Start the installer of Sync for Mac and configure for your account.