Configure Your ShareFile Outlook Plug-in Account Wide Settings

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Typically an admin will want to lock in ShareFile sharing settings for all their employees, specifically for those using the ShareFile Outlook Plug-in (OLP). Luckily, with the OLP you can do this, though historically you had to contact ShareFile’s support staff. However, not too long ago, ShareFile updated their ‘Admin’ section within the ShareFile Web Application […]

Content Switch ADFS 2.0 + ShareFile StorageZones with Citrix NetScaler

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Once you have both ADFS 2.0 and ShareFile StorageZone Controller installed on separate servers, your StorageZone Controller data is already content switched (how to set this up), then content switching your ADFS traffic on the same content switching vServer is quite simple. First, create traditional Load Balancing rules for your ADFS 2.0 server within your […]